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Our personal trainers:

At Time Fitness we believe in only featuring the best personal trainers in your area, with specialities in:

  • Personal Training: getting the perfect workout that suits you, your goals and your lifestyle.

  • Group Training bring a friend, workmates or the whole office.

  • Weight Management lose weight, gain weight, manage weight. Whatever you need.

  • Nutrition how to eat properly and how to combine exercise into your plans.

  • Sports Training get fit and excel at a particular sport or discipline.

  • Expert advice whatever your level or goal, we can work out a workout plan.


Is personal training for me?

Personal Trainers were once restricted to the celebrity world of the rich and famous. But these days many of us have specific goals and timeframes in which to realise them.

Achieve your goals

Whether it's to run a marathon, get ready for a special date, drastically change our bodies or just to ensure we get to the gym, Personal Training is the most effective way to achieve this.

Built for you

Time Fitness Personal Trainers are highly qualified and dedicated to ensure you receive the tools, advice and support you need, delivered in your own bespoke programmes.

Where do I start?

Subrina Personal Trainer As with everything at Time Fitness, your sessions can be structured to suit your schedule - we know everybody has different working patterns and other commitments, and that's why we open early and close late. Our personal trainers are available all day, every day, and sessions can be tailored to exactly what you need.

Our personal trainers would be happy to discuss your requirements and would be happy to work with you in a variety of ways including:

  • 30 / 45 / 60 minute sessions
  • Small Group training sessions

For more information, please complete an enquiry form or contact your club manager, highlighting your Personal Training requirements.

Prices will vary from £15 - £30 per session.